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MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

​​​​​Start date: Official start date: 24.03.2023 20:00 (UTC +2)!

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MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

Show the strength in you!


MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

Enjoy the magic of MuDestinyZONE .

Top Rankings
#ClassCharacterTotal Online Time
1Blade MasterDarkForce3,766 Hours
2Lord EmperorBloodRiver3,202 Hours
3Grand MasterALLEYESON3,104 Hours
4Grand MasterTheDreams2,936 Hours
5Grand MasterLightForce2,788 Hours
6Blade MasterDalaS2,736 Hours
7Blade MasterHepB2,694 Hours
8Blade Masterchecheneca2,637 Hours
9High ElfDisny2,491 Hours
10Dimension MasterSHEFKATA2,322 Hours
11Grand MasterWizardLord2,202 Hours
12Grand Masterfoxxx1,938 Hours
13Lord EmperorTulkas1,916 Hours
14Grand MasterDuraN1,889 Hours
15Dimension MasterTsvetelina1,855 Hours
16Blade MasterPUNISHER1,780 Hours
17Dimension MasterAlissa1,711 Hours
18Dimension MasterEmily1,592 Hours
19High ElfXepa1,555 Hours
20Lord EmperorWhiteSouL1,492 Hours
21Duel MasterMadara1,327 Hours
22Dimension MasterPurPleTits1,293 Hours
23Dimension MasterDiabl01,141 Hours
24Lord EmperorBlackBird1,090 Hours
25High ElfBlo0dDem0n1,085 Hours
26Grand MasterGeuse1,062 Hours
27Blade MasterKrauser986 Hours
28High ElfNikol958 Hours
29Grand MasterUmrqloKu4e941 Hours
30Grand MasterArchEnemY935 Hours
31Duel MasterGARDJOKA923 Hours
32Duel MasterDangeR913 Hours
33Fist MasterStrongHold905 Hours
34Grand MasterCTOEB817 Hours
35Blade MasterKeyB687 Hours
36Duel MasterControL676 Hours
37Blade MastereXtrem1sTa658 Hours
38High ElfPontiacc628 Hours
39Blade MasterMoisei619 Hours
40Magic GladiatorEagle611 Hours
41Blade MasterC0n7r0L577 Hours
42Blade MasterMaster575 Hours
43Grand MasterOut1n555 Hours
44High ElfMuffin549 Hours
45Lord EmperorKengisHaan540 Hours
46Grand MasterHooK526 Hours
47High ElfAllura508 Hours
48Lord EmperorSlipKno7507 Hours
49Soul MasterFranSoul504 Hours
50Muse ElfMAYelf501 Hours
Last Updated @ 04/19/2024 - 10:30 PM