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MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

​​​​​Start date: Official start date: 24.03.2023 20:00 (UTC +2)!

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MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

Show the strength in you!


MuDestinyZone - Normal[120-50x Dynamic]

Enjoy the magic of MuDestinyZONE .

We start tests with the balance of each character

"The tests may take several days.
During the test period, you will see a difference in attack and defense.
Please keep calm, these are normal effects when changing settings (sometimes up to 2-3 times within a minute)."

Selupan Boss Is up More DMG and HP 

Exboss  randomly Cordinats spawn 

Kundun More HP and Defense and Randomly Cord in Kalima 7

Medusa More HP and Defense 

 Devil Square invitation 1 - 6 Level  

invisibility cloak 1 -6 Level  In Lorencia Bar 

We had a small problem with the supplier, we apologize for the inconvenience
We have started fixes for Drop events and monsters
there may be slight interruptions, for which we apologize.