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Mu Destiny Zone Coming SOON!

​​​​​Start date: SooN!

MuDestinyZone Coming SOON!

Show the strength in you!


MuDestinyZone - Normal[50-120x Dynamic]

Enjoy the magic of MuDestinyZONE .

Terms of Service


    *All registered users of DestinyZone Community must agree with every point of these rules. Disagreement with at least one paragraph of these rules, prohibits the use of the this site

    Recommended Language for Post chat in game English !

    1.Swearing / Family Abuse:

    Swearing, using bad words and bad behaviour ban 5 days

    Using bad words about family, family abuse ban 5 days.

    2.Characters name and Guilds must can not contain Administrator and GM nicknames.

    You may not impersonate or present yourself to be a representative of the DestinyZone staffs. Ban = 10 days

    3.Administration does not return any missing characters or missing items.

    We are not changing accounts passwords, do not make kickbacks if you are robbed or allegedly robbed. Protect your property and your characters by themselves.

    4.Under any circumstances do not insult or harass other players.

    Your character or account will lead 10 days or permanently ban, depending on the insulting.

    5.You are not allowed to advertise other sites or games and even talk about it during the game the penalty will be a permanent penalty

    6. Fraud with all kinds of hacks and cheats are absolutely forbidden the punishment is a permanent ban

    If you find any administration mistakes, bugs in game server or website you need to report to DestinyZone Staff


    The administrator will never ask you for a password or any items from you if it is not in an event. Asking, begging or otherwise bothering us about this subject will lead to a temporary ban. Be sure not to be fooled by anyone impersonating us, asking you to become an admin or game master. Breaking the rules leads to either a warning or a ban.

    Admins and Game Masters is not able to do player's favors unless it is to fix an issue or other reason related to a problem. It's forbidden asking for items, Coins, stats or anything material related from an Administrator or Game Master.

    * The rules are written by DestinyZone TeaM and will be strictly followed ! We wish you a pleasant game.

    No one on the DestinyZone Team will - NEVER ask for account details - either in a personal message, email or any other form of communication.

    This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions (More Info)