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Mu Destiny Zone Grand Opening!

02.08.2024 - 20:00 (UTC+2)

Registrations start:
29.07.2024 - 20:00 (UTC+2)


Show the strength in you!


MuDestinyZone - Normal[50-120x Dynamic]

Enjoy the magic of MuDestinyZONE .

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General Information

Reset System

Dynamic Experience System

Items Information

Party Bonus Experience

General Information

Server Version Season 6 Episode 3 Custom
Experience 120x - 50x Dynamic
Master Experience 10x
Monster Spawns All Maps
Party Experience Bonus On
Item Drop 30%
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 300
Max Resets 80
Max Party Members 5
Max Item Exc Options 4
Bless Bug Off
Guild System On - Max 40 characters per Guild
Alliance System On
Socket System On
Auto Reconnect System On
Max accounts per IP+HWID 3
WebShop Off
3D Camera On/Off
Server Location Europe/Bulgaria

Reset system

Reset level 400
Bonus Stats Per Reset 500
Keep Stats No
Keep Items Yes
Keep Skills Yes
Keep Master Level Yes
Keep Quests Yes
Reset Cost 10 000 000 zen per reset

Dynamic Experience System

Resets Experience
0-10 120x
11-20 110x
21-30 100x
31-40 90x
41-50 90x
51-60 80x
61-70 80x
70-80 70x

Items Information

Starting Items Yes
Max Item Level +15
Max Item Excellent Options 4
Max Additional (Life) Option +16
Excellent Items Yes
380 Level Items Yes
Ancient Items Yes
Socket Items Yes

Party Bonus Experience

Resets Experience
2 players 52x
3 players 54x
4 players 56x
5 players 58x